Investing in human-centric processes like a discovery-minded onboarding and a client management model that prioritizes their success can pay off for all agency models, ... Join 70,000+ professionals and become a better social media marketer. 4 Steps to Take Before Onboarding Clients ... CRM, social media accounts, etc. We made this checklist for new client onboarding so that you, ... Access to social media accounts 6 Access to Google Analytics data 7 Affiliate information Determine a deadline for receiving back the marketing and media resources and record the exact date in the form field below. That means working closely with your client to ensure your strategy is helping drive toward your goals while maintaining that distinct brand style. ... social media management, Pay Per Click, Online Reputation Management, Email Marketing, Web Design and Proximity Marketing. Standing out means knowing what your clients’ competitors are doing, and doing it better. Keeping a client’s social media audience engaged and moving toward their goals takes preparation and communication, all wrapped in the blanket of best practices, before hitting the airwaves. Your client could be in a completely unfamiliar industry and you may not have yet grasped their brand’s tone, target audience – or even what they do. A well designed client onboarding process will get your agency off on the right foot. ... Fanbooster delivers a powerful suite of social media scheduling, publishing, reporting, and monitoring tools. Source: Fanart Plus, it’s got a new Analyze tool that gives a great top-down view of each channel to help us adjust as needed. We collaborate with ambitious brands and people; lets build something great together. Research the industry and competition. It’s got just about everything we need to efficiently schedule, edit, and approve posts across all of the major social channels. Researching their industry involves looking at everything that affects them externally, from trends and competitors, to identifying influencers. It is. Social media is … Grab This Free Client Onboarding Checklist --- Congratulations! You may also want to create templates for publishing and reporting which can help you shave minutes off your day-to-day activities. Look, it’s not hard to understand why—these days, social media has become something of a second nature for a wide variety of marketers and their customers. If you are onboarding a social media client, your client can use the text to media feature in HeyOrca to send media assets directly from their phone to their HeyOrca Social Media Calendar. Conclusion It can all seem very overwhelming at first – *insert nervous smile emoji* – but it doesn’t have to be. Share. Collect all necessary data. keep their pulse on the the latest trends in the industry. Whether you’re a social media marketing consultant or agency taking on a new client, or a business that’s outsourcing your social media marketing, the proper transfer of assets and key information about how online marketing should be handled is a necessity. Social Media Questionnaire: Onboarding Questions Basic stats such as number of followers, engagement rate, etc. As with so much in life & marketing, the key to a successful onboarding process is having a plan. Establishing a solid onboarding process involves gathering the bulk of information beforehand. One key thing to keep in mind when taking on a client’s social media accounts: this is their account, not yours. What type of content performed the best ie. This can be a crucial resource for maintaining visual consistency across all of the brand’s online presence. Your goal in client onboarding should be to design consistent, repeatable processes that work for everyone, both teammates and the clients.