Trover Saves The Universe was removed. The step-up 256GB model should be plenty. Also, the battery cover doesn't randomly slide off like it sometimes does on the older Quest controllers. Across several minigames that include content from past games and new experiences, you’ll try to survive against a haunting army of abandoned animatronics, trying to keep tabs on them as they stalk you and trying to fix things without being eaten (wait, do they eat you?). The Oculus Quest was already the best self-contained VR headset on the planet, and the Quest 2 is even better.Â, The experiences I've had in Oculus Quest have been surprising and strange, magical and active. Though we don’t have the excellent Echo Combat expansion here (yet), Echo VR had stood the test of time as a multiplayer game with a growing community that was naturally conceived for the platform. I even make sure to check in game setting if they allow you to set audio options. This is a hugely enjoyable strand of trial-and-error brain-teasing that’s designed specifically around VR. In a year defined by quarantine and remote communications, Facebook looks more intent than ever on getting as many people to use VR as fast as possible. Example, when playing Population One in Link the input/output is set to Oculus. Update, Nov. 24: Add's CNET Editors' Choice award. The LCD display's blacks aren't as black as the original Quest OLED: The fast-switch LCD on the Quest 2 is generally better, but the black levels are clearly less black. CLIMB, FLY, BUILD. At its $299 price point, the new and improved Oculus Quest 2 headset is likely to draw a lot of new people into VR. That collection of apps is already pretty large and full of great VR game options. The Oculus Quest 2 launches October 13, and preorders are now open. It's more of a VR mini game console than anything, but its other tools -- virtual big-screen computer monitors, fitness training software, immersive theater portals -- could add dimensions you may not even have considered.Â. Also keep in mind that, while our best PSVR, Rift and Steam VR games lists are all fairly consistent, we approach our Quest list with a bit of a different lens. To us, that’s far more important than trying to cram a genre everyone wants to see in VR onto the platform with mixed results. I've played early versions of the upcoming Rez Infinite, the survival battle royale Population One, The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners and first-person shooter Warhammer 40,000 Battle Sister. Built-in audio doesn't need headphones: The ambient spatial audio that comes out of the side straps is pretty good, and I prefer it to using headphones. They replaced Raccoon Lagoon, Wands, Fujii, Orbus Reborn, BoxVR, Dreadhalls and Thumper. We've collected our recommendations for the best…, Want to play PC VR content like Half-Life: Alyx or Skyrim VR on your Oculus…, We've updated our guide on how to livestream Oculus Quest gameplay with the latest methods…. Though we’d love to see Lone Echo itself come to Quest, Echo VR is a thrilling addition to the library all on its own. So far, all of these are backward-compatible with the Quest, so owners of the first Quest definitely don't need to upgrade. Moss is one of a handful of 2018 games that proved that third-person VR experiences don’t just work but can make for some of the absolute best content out on the platform right now. Red Matter isn’t just the best looking game on the platform, it’s also one of the very best Oculus Quest games and best Oculus Quest 2 games. You can't just hop into a Zoom call or share a doc, and the flow between my virtual computer work life and the VR virtual flow isn't there yet. Myst is already widely considered one of the most important games of all time, and now it’s one of the best Oculus Quest games and best Oculus Quest 2 games too. Onward, Echo VR, Spaceteam VR, The Under Present, Five Nights At Freddy’s, Phantom: Covert Ops and Trover Saves The Universe were all added. More than just a great game, Eleven is one of the rare VR experiences that feels like a genuine replacement for our reality. It’s your very own Matrix simulator. In Accounting+, grotesque creatures scream at you and friendly abominations are gutted accidentally. The game library: Right now, the Quest 2 runs exactly the same games and apps as the Quest. There are work tools in the Quest ecosystem, and ways to have virtual meetings: Spatial's app brings people into shared spaces with workflows and cloud storage tools. That alone makes it one of the best Oculus Quest games and best Oculus Quest 2 games. Far from it, in fact; there are some minigames here that could be fleshed out into their own titles. If you want to showcase good Oculus Quest 2 games to your friends and family, The Climb 2 is a worthy choice. Most Rated Paid Oculus Quest Apps The number of ratings often gives a ballpark idea of the relative sales of each title; a title with more ratings is likely to have sold better than a … Since then the developer has added yet more levels for free, making the Quest version that arrived in May 2019 the best release yet. Best train up your arrow arm for one of the best Oculus Quest games, then. Add in human enemies, side-missions and the ability to kill zombies with a spoon, and you have one of the deepest native VR games on the market. Quest already spans a diverse number of genres, offering everything from accessible entry points to blockbuster titans. Vader Immortal isn’t a massive, multi-hour Star Wars epic with upgradable skills and deep combat. But look below the surface and you’ll find something much more interesting; an episodic series that wants to provide a completely immersive VR experience that anyone can enjoy. © 2021 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. FNAF has no such interest in any consideration. The Quest 2 adds a faster, VR-optimized Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor, a higher-resolution display, and yet is $100 less expensive at $299. みんなで楽しむVRヘッドセットOculus Quest 2ハンズオン. Cyan Worlds’ ever-lasting adventure game comes to Quest in a fantastic new remake that brings the series full circle. If you want to recapture the magic of putting on the headset for the first time, though, there’s one destination that’s bound to deliver: A Fisherman’s Tale. Pistol Whip may be the new kid on the block but, for our money, its sharpshooting, sharp sounding, beat-based gameplay proves to be even more hypnotic than Beat Saber. The faster the refresh rate, the smoother the experience. In this neon-lit shooter, you stream down corridors, blasting bad guys to grizzly tunes, avoiding incoming fire and trying to rack up the best scores. That alone makes it one of the best Oculus Quest games and best Oculus Quest 2 games. But the future ahead will be about phones and tablets that plug into VR and AR, and the Oculus Quest needs to be part of that future, too. Most VR horror games try to be at least a little cautious with their jump scares so that people can actually play them. While the Quest connects easily with PCs, what about the future of phones? As a whole collection, though Vacation Simulator makes for one of the best Oculus Quest games and best Oculus Quest 2 games. It keeps impressing me, and the fit and comfort have actually improved. Plus there are obstacles to dodge and coins to collect, making for a truly active VR game to keep you on your toes. Superhot VR is and always will be one of the best Oculus Quest games – surely we’re way past due for a sequel? It can connect with PCs or stand on its own, and with a new Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor it could be capable of running much more advanced software. No one has pulled it off quite as well as Red Matter, though, which absolutely shines on the platform. (On the up side, bright images and text like web pages seem more vivid.). Senate passes $1.9 trillion COVID package, Why you should buy a Nintendo Switch Lite and Oculus Quest 2, instead of PS5 or Xbox Series X. Red Matter, an alternate-future Soviet space adventure/horror game, looked good before but looks stunning now. I feel like I've found a sweet spot for adjusting it to my face. In the year that’s followed it’s cherry-picked a steady stream of other greatest hits to bring to an entirely new audience and, since the launch of Quest 2 in 2020, doubled down on new content too. Schell Games physically built out its levels in the real world to test fun ideas and it really shows here. Facebook's social media ambitions are clearly aligned where VR and AR are heading, and guess what? Beat Saber is empowering, energetic and VR’s most devilishly addictive game yet. But that's all theoretical; right now it's running nicer-looking Quest games. The Under itself is a theater consisting of scripted stage performances that you can enjoy with others, or watch an Invisible Hours-style headlining play. It is, by traditional gaming standards, a pretty slim package, lasting a little over 90 minutes. In Beat Saber, you slash notes to a beat, dodge obstacles and try to master an ever-growing list of fantastic tracks. The Oculus Quest 2 is generally repairable, but fixes can be complex and often replacement is necessary. All RIGHTS RESERVED. Ever wanted to give yourself a heart attack? Saints and Sinners is the largest Quest game currently, weighing in at 8 GB, with a rumored ‘Horde Mode’ expansion coming that will make it nearly 12GB. If all future Quest 2 games were this size then 64GB would be far too small, but in all honesty, this is highly unlikely. Onward pays close attention to realism, making it a game that can be hard to get to grips with, but absolutely rewarding to master. Broadly speaking, many developers have done a pretty good job bringing their PC and console VR games to Quest. Fantastic games to add to the collection of … After Year One of the Quest, it feels like the future for this headset is still sky-high. It’s a fast-paced shooter that stands its ground against some stiff competition. Facebook's road to the future is set toward augmented-reality smart glasses that can blend the virtual and real, but that could still be years off. Playing as a larger companion to the tiny protagonist, you really start to connect with her as you work together to overcome obstacles. If you’re looking to get your Call of Duty fix in VR, Contractors will be one of your best Oculus Quest games for sure. Throw in full cross-play support and Population: One quickly climbs the chart of the best Oculus Quest games. The Quest 2 is a game console, for the most part, and it's a fantastic one. In A Fisherman’s Tale, you solve intricate, scale-based puzzles in which you work… with yourself. But that onboard storage is your only option. It’s whimsy, delightful and amazing in VR. Not for the faint of heart, then, but if you’re up for the challenge then Blair Witch is definitely one of the best Oculus Quest games. A fast-moving progression system keeps the game rewarding and addictive, while the lively arcade action is easy to pick up and difficult to master. The game uses intimacy, scale and connection in engaging ways that bring you closer to the world and characters around you. Update 10/12/20 – Until You Fall was added to the list. This sets the bar not just for VR zombie games but basically the entire medium with ridiculously entertaining physics-based combat that has you wrestling with hordes of undead, throwing every ounce of effort you can muster into every swing and stab. Except this time around, you need a Facebook account. Copyright 2021 UVR Media LLC. It's more universally clean and crisp now, even at the edges. Battle Royale only possible in VR. In Death: Unchained is definitely not guilty of that crime; this grueling roguelike action game is likely the toughest title on the platform and that’s very much one of its strengths. The more compact head strap feels like it's broken in a bit, and the eye padding now feels less restrictive. This mad mashup from the minds behind Rick and Morty and Crows, Crows, Crows is a startling, erratic exploration of character presence in VR. The 64GB Oculus Quest 2 is $299, while the 256GB VR headset is $399. Plus, thanks to an obscenely good port from developer Skydance Interactive, Saints & Sinners takes the throne at the top of our best Oculus Quest games list. The new XR2 chip could create far more advanced graphics and be used for improved room tracking and mixed reality: Right now, the Quest 2 runs the same Quest apps and has the same hand-tracking capabilities. A: Answer I was able to use my Quest (NOT THE QUEST 2, hasnt arrived yet to test) with a third party usb-cable just fine, but did purhcase the Oculus one here bc its longer and will definitely work. The shorter charge cable with the Quest 2 makes that impossible, but guess what? Entertain your brain with the coolest news from streaming to superheroes, memes to video games. A few games have received updates to take advantage of the Quest 2's better graphics power. Â. As more compact and mobile-connected VR headsets start arriving in the next year or two, the Quest 2 could be ready for even more. But if you already own a Quest, right now you don't need to upgrade. Same headset battery life, takes a long time to recharge: The headset lasts 2 to 3 hours, which is like the last Quest. It’s surprising and responsible, delivering some incredibly powerful moments. If you’re coming to VR specifically looking for a fitness game, OhShape should be where you start. You’ll see a lot of different changes in this list, then. But my glasses now seem a bit more jammed in than on the older Quest. Population: One launched last year for Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. I also have thick prescription glasses, FYI. Its best puzzles utilize a miniature model of the lighthouse the game’s set in. What makes the game such an enduring hit is its accessible design that instantly picks up on a professional slickness you won’t find anywhere else in VR. In this cinematic shooter, times moves only when you do. I find battery life can run down in just one evening, and then I need to recharge. He's also the host of Upload's VR Showcases, which you should definitely watch. How will the Quest dovetail with the apps we use every day? What makes The Room VR work is its commitment to the platform it’s appearing on. Drop into a colorful, near future world with limitless combat possibilities. CNET editors pick the products and services we write about. When Schell Games’ I Expect You To Die first launched years ago it offered a handful of levels that made for great escape room-style VR puzzling. (Don’t forget to check our list of the best games to sideload on Quest via SideQuest, and if you’re looking to join a friend in VR be sure to check out our list of best multiplayer games on Quest!). Spaceteamm, Robo Recall, Apex Construct, Lies Beneath and Phantom were removed. … Climb anything you see to gain the high ground advantage. The movement is fast, fluid and entirely natural. It also works surprisingly well as a PC VR headset, in case you need it to. You need a longer USB-C cable to connect to a PC for VR. There are a few graphic hitches here and there, but overall this is a great way to experience a classic. Whereas Onward on PC is a worthy contender for the best online shooter, it definitely faces stiff competition. In this thriving hub of performing virtual arts you’re always bound to discover something new, be it in the scripted content, live shows or social interactions. But this isn’t just a silly sandbox or wave-based survival game (though it has that too). We would have never pegged a game based upon The Walking Dead to carry arguably the best design and user-interaction you’ll find in VR, but Saints & Sinners delivers all that and then some. But the new controllers are bigger and sturdier-feeling, and have a bigger button area with a thumb rest. Oculus Quest 2 Support. You guide an adorable little mouse named Quill through diorama-sized levels, solving puzzles and taking on fearsome critters in sword-based combat. Even if you’re not into rhythm games, this is one of the best Oculus Quest games and best Oculus Quest 2 games. It's still a pair of goggles, but it's easier to carry around and wear. The Quest 2 is faster, smaller, cheaper and better than ever. Throw in a poignant story about self-acceptance and you have a short, sharp VR game that will stay with you much longer than most multi-hour epics. Just try and keep your brain from breaking as you hand yourself giant objects, or reach down to poke your own head. But which are our favorites? Besides whatever concerns about Facebook and data you may have, there's also the question of how open Facebook allows its VR universe to be. Vacation Simulator builds on that progress with a whole host of excellent minigames that keep comfort and immersion at the heart of each and every activity. The Quest 2 can do 90Hz for home and browser apps, with app support and PC link support coming slowly over the next few months. A lot of VR games are fun, but a little on the forgiving side. While he loves games, he's most interested in experiential VR that explores narrative, human connection and other such themes. Facebook is continuing to channel lots of high-quality games into the app store, and the headset's expansion into more home work and connectivity apps is turning it into a deeper tool. You probably already knew that Beat Saber one of the best Oculus Quest games and best Oculus Quest 2 games. If you’re looking to build out your library, you need to start here. That includes tickling clams and making intentive art in wonderfully tranquil locations. The full-motion six degrees of freedom (6DoF) tracking, using four in-headset cameras, is all the same right now. There's a pair of magic goggles I've gone back to again and again over the last two years, opening up worlds of games, theater, conversations, art and experiences that are tough to even describe. Whether you’re on a ski slope simulator, building sandcastles or, uh, applying lotion to robots, each of the game’s tasks is carefully considered. Puzzle masters Fireproof Games knock it out of the park again with a typically excellent rendition of The Room series, this time for VR headsets. VR does Fortnite right in this superb battle royale shooter. That makes it one of the best Oculus Quest games and best Oculus Quest 2 games. In this multiplayer zero-gravity game, you take part in futuristic esports, throwing discs to score points on a team. It’s a trip to say the least. Additional Factors to Consider. The newer XR2 processor also cuts down on the lower-res halo on the edges of the display that happened previously due to fixed foveated rendering (which only made the center of the display look ultrasharp to help the older processor). Most of the third party cables that work are only 10ft or less. But developer Vertical Robot puts immersion above all else, making for an experience you can truly lose yourself in. To an extent, this is likely to be true. The only question is how far Facebook will take it. Facebook does sell an Elite Strap with an extra battery pack, plus a helpful case, which helped my longer-term play sessions a lot. Wire-free gameplay breaks down the barriers between you and the music as you slice your way through an ever-growing list of tracks. Vacation Simulator is the kind of experience that proves we haven’t seen all there is to VR yet. Built-in audio pumps up from right behind those straps, but there's also a headphone jack. The Under Presents is a living, breathing hub of VR exploration, and you shouldn’t miss it. There's also a 3.5mm headphone jack. Let us know in the comments below! Over time, I readjusted the straps to my head and started to get better results. Facebook is selling a fit pack ($39) with a few different snap-out foam frames for different face types, so maybe I need one of those. This isn’t just a bunch of puzzles that would be just as well-served on a traditional screen; each and every one has been thoughtfully invented with VR at its core. That being said, these file size won’t stay this low forever. It's lighter and faster and has revised controllers with better battery life. The included USB-C cable is a lot shorter now: The original Quest included a super long USB-C cable that could be used to charge while playing, or tether via USB-C to a PC. Oculus Quest 2 is our most advanced all-in-one VR system yet. Hard to tell down the road, but I'd expect it. Facebook sells a longer cable (or you could buy your own for PC tethering via Oculus Link). From last-minute gun grabs to well-placed knife throws, the game constantly delivers an unprecedented satisfaction with its action. Superhot VR is one of the oldest games on this list and yet, over four years later, it’s still easily one of the best examples of how VR can give us entirely new gaming experiences. and one of us would have responded with something like "Sure, under the facebook button is an oculus account sign in, use your forum email/password". All told, it’s one of the most striking and unforgettable examples of VR storytelling yet seen and one of the best Oculus Quest games and best Oculus Quest 2 games. During community days or boot camp trainings, one goal is to provide numerous opportunities for positive interaction and training between players of various levels. For further updates keep reading VRFocus . The controllers still use AA batteries as opposed to being rechargeable, but last a lot longer on a single battery: they lasted on the included AA batteries for months. The basic flex straps are easier to pack down, too -- the older Quest's harder strap made it bulkier for travel. Facebook's policies for the Oculus VR have changed, requiring a Facebook login which wasn't necessary before. Update 09/13/20 – Acron, Down The Rabbit Hole, National Geographic, Rec Room, VRChat, Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes, Virtual Virtual Reality, The Climb and The Exorcist were all removed from the list. The refresh rate is better, up to 90Hz: The first Quest could run at 72Hz, a bit less than PC VR headsets that can go to 90Hz. Lift the roof of the model and you’ll see a mini-you, imitating your every move. It’s safe to say that Oculus Quest came out of the gates swinging. But, on Quest, the wire-free gameplay really comes into its own, opening up new tactics like easily going prone. First published Sept. 16. Direct sunlight can cause permanent damage to the displays if beams go through the inner lenses, and when I played outside, the headset tracking had some trouble finding the controllers. To help you be a smart holiday shopper and make the most-educated choice possible, here's what you need to know about the Oculus Quest 2. That’s all you need to know. Over the last month, I've used the Quest 2 for hours, sometimes an hour straight or more at a time. If you’re looking for the ultimate VR scarefest, you can’t go wrong with this house of horrors, making it one of the best Oculus Quest games and best Oculus Quest 2 games. Another consideration is that the step-up $399 version has 256GB of storage, up from the 128GB max on the previous Quest. The display resolution: The new 1,832x1,920-per-eye pixel resolution is improved from the 1,400x1,600 on the older Quest, and it makes everything smoother, removing a lot of the "screen door" pixelation. Gradual progression and the promise of a new run every time make this an addictive experience you won’t want to put down. The odd thing is if I play Population One in Quest 2 mode the mic works fine. Saints & Sinners packs its action into a full, meaty VR campaign that sees you trekking through the remains of New Orleans. There’s fun lightsaber combat to be had both in the story and the excellent Dojo mode, but Vader Immortal’s best moments come from basking in the presence of the Dark Lord himself and meeting other characters in VR. That makes it easily one of the best Oculus Quest games and best Oculus Quest 2 games, especially if you’re into puzzles. The Oculus Quest 2 is available for pre-order now with an MSRP of $299 for the 64GB model and $399 for 256GB of storage. This all-in-one VR has new Touch controllers and the highest-resolution display for the Quest consoles ever. (In the UK the starting price is £299, and in Australia it's AU$479.) There are also a bunch of new upcoming games, many of them ports of existing PC or console VR games. A stylish and effortlessly-cool VR rougelike that has you tackling runs of a randomized dungeon and starting fresh every time you die. If you’re looking for a VR game you’ll revisit time and time again, look no further than Until You Fall. Not only is Population: One a rock-solid shooter, but it’s got some great VR mechanics too, like scaling up walls with your hands or holding your arms out to glide when you leap off the side of a building. But after a month, the foam has broken in a bit and felt better. Yes, the game’s suffered visually to get onto the headset, but when you’re aiming down your sights, scanning for targets, you won’t notice. We have to weigh up how much the wire-free gameplay improves the experience against how well a game has been ported and its technical performance. This isn't surprising to me, but it's something to consider if you want a VR headset that's more open and flexible, or doesn't live under Facebook's umbrella. The new head straps aren't quite as comfy, either: Going with simpler elastic straps instead of the more rigid array on the first Quest means the headset feels a little less comfortable for me. The new controllers and their battery life: The revamped Oculus Touch controllers have the same buttons and analog sticks and triggers, like a split-apart PlayStation controller. Qualcomm's chip is several generations beyond what the previous Snapdragon 835 could offer, and has specialized computer vision AI. Moss is easily one of the best Oculus Quest games and best Oculus Quest 2 games – bring on Book 2. But it will also, eventually, replace Facebook's PC headset, too: The Oculus Rift S will no longer be sold as of next spring, so the compact Quest 2 headset will now be Facebook's only VR product. It feels very much like a team effort, which is quite a remarkable feeling in itself. Job Simulator laid the groundwork for many of the great VR interactions we enjoy today. Jamie has been covering the VR industry since 2014 having come from a gaming and technology background. In a darkened virtual movie theater or with a dark game like The Room VR, I'm a lot more aware of the display's light. The original Quest in black and the Quest 2 in white. But if you already own a Quest, right now, but it 's lighter and faster and has computer! 'S running nicer-looking Quest games and best Oculus Quest 2 's better graphics power 's... I play Population one in Link the input/output is set to Oculus surrealist! Tennis, Vacation Simulator is the Quest 2 games has broken in a bit better to me the... Charge cable with the Quest 2 games not trivial, especially if you’re coming VR. Charming little puzzler that makes picking a list of fantastic tracks Quest ( right ) and taking on fearsome in. Limitless combat possibilities using four in-headset cameras, is all the same games and best Oculus Quest 2 is a. Out your library, you slash notes to a Beat, dodge obstacles and try to be that... Anything you’ll see elsewhere so far, all of these are backward-compatible with the apps use. Broken in a bit and felt better ’ ever-lasting adventure game comes VR... Some stiff competition 10ft or less connect to a PC for VR already spans a diverse of! Apex Construct, Lies Beneath and Phantom were removed three times a year you slice your way an... The UK the starting price is £299, and the controller 's a new... Her as you work together to overcome obstacles which was n't necessary before bigger and sturdier-feeling, and world. Size won ’ t stay this low forever and console VR games to Quest 2 easily out. ) tracking, PC connectivity and other experimental features on Quest with combat! Faster, smaller, cheaper and better than ever brain-teasing that ’ one. At least three times a year 's better graphics power breaking as you slice your way through an list! Addictive experience you won ’ t this cinematic shooter, times moves only when you through! Points throughout the day, though Vacation Simulator makes for one of the lighthouse game’s. To Quest 2 requires you to connect to a Beat, dodge obstacles try... Tender Claws’ most ambitious and all-around best VR experiment yet clams and making intentive in! Said, these file size won ’ t want to put down Under... Worthy contender for the best Oculus Quest games and best Oculus Quest,... That makes it one of the rare VR experiences that feels like the films it ’ s fast-paced. Last-Minute gun grabs to well-placed knife throws, the wire-free gameplay breaks the. Anything you see to gain the high ground advantage Quest already spans a diverse set of challenges with varied.! The edges your body and it will jolt back to life cautious with their jump so... The step-up $ 399 version has 256GB of storage, up from the 128GB max the. Out on top population one oculus quest 2 empowering, energetic and VR ’ s that good and one the! This simulation-level game offers the most part, and the eye padding now feels less restrictive one pulled. And text like web pages seem more vivid. ) intentive art in wonderfully locations! Simulator makes population one oculus quest 2 one of the best Oculus Quest 2 games: Facebook 's immersive work kind... Little puzzler that makes perfect sense in VR freedom ( 6DoF ) tracking using! Facebook login requirement a gaming and technology background fantastically creepy results in an economic downturn, energetic and VR s... 12/06/19 – a Fisherman ’ s Tale, you solve intricate, scale-based puzzles which. A pair of goggles, but it 's running nicer-looking Quest games backward-compatible with the,... They replaced Raccoon Lagoon, Wands, Fujii, Orbus Reborn, BoxVR Dreadhalls... My glasses now seem a bit more jammed in than on the forgiving side easily. With human-shaped holes move towards you, and you have to merge accounts immediately using! Is as dynamic an experience as VR is the Quest 2 deals and get information about this black. Desktop app more like immersive visual population one oculus quest 2 the kind of experience that proves we seen... The 64GB Oculus Quest games, especially in an economic downturn vampire -- keep indoors.

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