Fievel, the cute little mouse from An American Tail, is going west for Fievel Goes West. Goldie Pheasant | Phillip Glasser reprises his role as the voice of Fievel Mousekewitz.It is the first theatrical sequel to any Don Bluth film (as there was no such thing as films going directly to video), the second and last being All Dogs Go to Heaven 2. Tiger plays a major role in this movie, and he has a girlfriend. Teresa Brisby | The next morning, Tiger rushes to see if the Mousekewitz family is okay. Fievel: (voiceover) And then. What if he's not the villain as he appears to be? He serves as transportation for the other searchers. Tiger VOICE Dom DeLuise. Littlefoot | and "It's funny how your appetite perks up when you find out you're gonna have dinner instead of be dinner...". Find your thing. Later that night, Tiger finds himself hanging over a fire in the Mousehican village and being looked at by the Mousehicans as food. Taking it as a sign that Tiger is "a god of eternal peace and cosmic love" (which is actually said later in the movie), the Mousehicans celebrate with a massive feast. Awesome Music: The whole soundtrack to Fievel Goes West is great, with James Horner returning to nail the Western feel and Cathy Cavadini's singing often being considered the highlight. An American Tail An American Tail: The Treasure Of Manhattan Island, An American Tail: The Mystery Of The Night Monster. Les Aventures du Fievel au Far West ou Les Queues Américaines De Fievel (Fievel's American Tails) est une série télévisée d'animation américano-canadienne composée d'un pilote de 6 minutes et de 13 double-épisodes de 30 minutes chacun, créée par David Kirschner et diffusée entre le 12 septembre et le 5 décembre 1992 sur le réseau CBS. It may only have been a voice role in this animated feature directed by Simon Wells and Phil Nibbelink , but it was a … Cat R. Waul is the main antagonist of An American Tail: Fievel Goes West, the first sequel to the classic An American Tail.He also appears in the TV series based on the film Fievel's American Tails.He is the leader of the Cactus Cat Gang and Fievel's arch-nemesis.. In the episode "Law and Disorder" we find that Miss Kitty has left Green River but still writes letters to Tiger, implying that the two broke up yet again but stayed friends. Incarnations View all 5 versions of Tiger on BTVA. Wylie Burp: It's too tough, kid. A few years after immigrating to the United States in 1885, the impoverished Mousekewitz family (Nehemiah Persoff and Erica Yohn) discovers that conditions are not as ideal as they had hoped, as they find themselves still struggling against the attacks of mouse-hungry cats (Jack Angel and Patrick Pinney). Next, Tiger is seen relaxing at the Mousehican village still, where Fievel is trying to recruit him to help him save Green River from Cat R. Waul and his gang. Full Name Awesome Music: The whole soundtrack to Fievel Goes West is great, with James Horner returning to nail the Western feel and Cathy Cavadini's singing often being considered the highlight. He decides to join up with Fievel (though he is a bit concerned when he learns he has to be a dog). your own Pins on Pinterest Tiger is Fievel Mousekewitz's best friend and is one of the only friendly cats from the An American Tail series (the only other one being Miss Kitty). Tall Tales 14. Tiger goes to try and assist. An American Tail: Fievel Goes West (1991) Plot. At the time, Amblimation was also developing We're Back! "Dreams to Dream" stands out as an Award-Bait Song easily on par with "Somewhere Out There", if not superior. Rosie | More so in the hands of a mouse kid like Fievel. Soon, the Mousehican chief appears and it looks like Tiger will be eaten until the chief literally looks at things from a different perspective as he lines the hanging Tiger up with a large rock formation that, oddly enough, looks just like Tiger. *Suddenly a yelp and crash noise was heard from outside as Fievel goes to the window and see what it was. Tiger smirking at Fievel's idea of using the lazy eye. Heroes/End Titles Languages SPOKEN LANGUAGES English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 SUBTITLES: English SDH He tries to pretend to be a cat-fish, but is thrown out of the boat. Tiger as a cop. Tiger is next seen still relaxing at the Mousehican village, where Fievel is trying to recruit him to help save Green River from Cat R. Waul and his gang. If it isn't my diminuitive friend from the train. - Achetez An American Tail: Fievel Goes West à petit prix. His girlfriend, Miss Kitty (who is also one of the only friendly cats of the An American Tail series), dumps him, stating that she wants a cat "who's more like a dog". Fievel lands in part of Tiger's feast and is nearly eaten until Fievel tells Tiger to say "ahh". Sharing a tender reunion, Fievel tells Tiger to come with him to Green River; however, due to the fact that the Mousehicans become very offended if someone devours and runs, Tiger says he'll join Fievel as soon as he can (giving his own variation of the "Cross my heart and hope to die" promise). Miss Kitty voiced by Amy Irving and 2 others . Fievel Goes West is a zany fast-paced comedy that keeps the emotional core of the original, at least somewhat. Tiger is the deuteragonist in An American Tail and its sequels, despite originally being a villainous cat, Tiger would quickly become Fievel Mousekewitz's best friend and ally: not only aiding the young mouse in escaping the clutches of the evil Warren T Rat's gang but also providing valuable help to Fievel throughout his later adventures in the Old West and beyond. Wylie Burp 18. Tiger quickly learns the ways of a dog and is christened "Fido" by Wylie. His whiskers act as a large mustache. An American Tail: Fievel Goes West (also known as An American Tail II: Fievel Goes West or An American Tail II) is a 1991 American animated comedy western film produced by Steven Spielberg's Amblimation animation studio and released by Universal Pictures.It is the sequel to An American Tail, and the last installment in the series to be released theatrically. Nicodemus | He falls from his perch and lands in a trash can, passed out. There’s more focus on comedy and musical numbers than telling a gripping story. Maybe they'll throw presents. With James Stewart, John Cleese, Amy Irving, Phillip Glasser. Anne Marie | He serves as transportation for the other searchers. Tiger resembling the Mousehican god. Ironically the direct-to-video sequels borrow much from his characterization in Fievel Goes West despite either taking place before said movie or retconning it altogether, probably due to him making only a brief appearance in the first film and being under-developed by the end. Tiger | He is next seen wandering through the desert, singing "Oh, My Darling" when he runs into what appears to be Miss Kitty; however, it turns out to be a mirage, as "Miss Kitty" was really an owl. An American Tail : Fievel goes west (The mirages) - YouTube $79.99. He is next seen on a fisherman's boat (he had been caught with a bunch of cat-fish). He jumps off and gets tangled in a net hanging off of the stagecoach, where he is yanked along the road like a rag doll. Then the alarm goes off, and Tiger permits Fievel to get away. Dr. Dithering | Meanwhile, Tiger's girlfriend Miss Kitty leaves him to find a new life out West, tired of the life of an alley cat, and remarking that perhaps she's looking for a cat that is "more like a dog." It may only have been a voice role in this animated feature directed by Simon Wells and Phil Nibbelink , but it was a great project for a great man to go out on. Menu. Download full quality poster of An American Tail: Fievel Goes West. He has arachnophobia and a deep fear of dogs (as is revealed in An American Tail: Fievel Goes West), but he is able to conquer his fear, becoming brave by the end of the aforementioned film. The mice, cats, dogs and tarantulas in “Fievel Goes West” are all well within the tradition of “children's cartoons,” and so we quickly sense we can expect few surprises from them. He tends to be something of a scaredy-cat throughout the series. Presumably, he teams up with them as well (albiet, off-screen). Retrouvez infos & avis sur une large sélection de DVD & Blu-ray neufs ou d'occasion. Later that night, Tiger finds himself hanging over a fire in the Mousehican village and being looked at by the Mousehicans as food. ... as Tiger. He was originally a villainous member of the Mott Street Maulers until he felt sorry for Fievel and deciding to free him and quit the group. When Fievel gets found, Tiger claims he's never been more happy in his life as Gussie hugs him on his big toe. The player, as Fievel, has to clean up the Wild West with his friend Tiger the cat. Tiger was a member of Warren T Rat's gang one time but he was clearly unhappy with his position, when he first met Fievel he attempted to act like a tough and mean cat but he was unable to hold the act together long and he befriended Fievel: the two of them have remained close ever since.

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