I don’t consider that method practical for time-lapses. It has good layering and masking functions, both in its Develop mode and in its Photoshop-like Layers mode. With its latest release, Capture One Pro 21 offers exceptional RAW image file processing, image cataloging, layers, local adjustments, keystone adjustments, as well as just about all the features one would expect out of a pro image editing app. I find that DxO deals well with noise and the small sensor size of M43 cameras, and I have now dedicated DxO for that purpose. One huge advantage of Luminar’s library feature is that it can mirror your hard drive – i.e. With final layered Photoshop files, while some programs can read .PSD files, they usually open them just as flattened images, as ON1 warns it will do above. I tested a trial copy of v3.2. It had no redeeming features over the competition that made its price worthwhile. Yes, the new contenders to the Photoshop crown have the benefit of starting from a blank slate for interface design. Its shadows, highlights, and contrast adjustments were also poor – it was tough to make the test image look good without flattening contrast or blocking up shadows. Adjustments can be added in layers, making them easier to edit. Yes, it’s free, but the learning curve is precipitous. This image of the sky is designed to be composited with one taken without the tracker turning, to keep the ground sharp. Editing-wise, IrfanView comes with all the standard photo adjustment tools one would expect, including decent Raw image rendering. I'm not sure how efficient the Windows port is. Compare this to Lr, where any movement from the Library to Develop module is accompanied by an annoying delay, and you’ll quickly fall in love with the single-module set up of X6. That is the question many photographers are asking with the spate of new image processing programs vying to “kill Photoshop.” I tested more than ten contenders as alternatives to Adobe’s image processing software, evaluating them for the specialized task of editing demanding nightscape images taken under the Milky Way, both for single still images and for time-lapses of the moving sky. And ON1 and Luminar have some lovely effects that can be applied by calling them up as plug-ins from within Photoshop, and applied as smart filters. I could end the review here, but I feel it’s important to present the evidence, in the form of screen shots of all the programs, showing both the whole image, and a close-up to show the all-important noise reduction. AI Enhance is similar to Lightroom’s Clarity and Dehaze sliders, but by using artificial intelligence, Luminar 4 is able to automatically find elements like your sky, or people, and adjust them accordingly. About Lightroom I can´t answer that question. To Adobe or not to Adobe. Darktable is no slouch when it comes to RAW file processing. Many filters can be painted on locally with a brush, or with a radial or gradient mask. The issue with switching from Adobe to any new program is compatibility. Like Lightroom, this app has a full-featured image adjustment suite and extensive library management options. None of the programs I tested ticked all the boxes in providing all the functions and image quality of the Adobe products. You can read our full review for a breakdown of the main editing tools, but suffice to say, nothing is missing, and there are some nice additions that don’t appear elsewhere, such as a handy Skin Exposure tool. As for its interface, you can configure it to be quite similar to Lightroom, but there’ll still be quite a steep learning curve – this is a software intended to be used by professional photographers, after all. Darktable makes repetitive tasks a breeze, and exports directly to websites, yet it doesn’t retain nearly as much detail compared to Lightroom. If you’re a fan of using layers to edit, LightZone will be a breath of fresh air. if you move or rename your images or folders outside of Luminar, it will adjust its catalog accordingly. As ON1 Photo RAW shows above, this is best done using a Library or Browser mode to visually select the images, then call up an Export panel or menu to choose the image size, format, quality, and location for the exports. LR also has a n annual fee. "Feature rich" is the primary reason people pick Darktable over the competition. There are over 60 great editing features of Luminar 4, but what about image management? Ubuntu comes with darktable packages. And if so, to what program. Capture One requires you to draw two vertical lines on an image to show it how to correct vertical distortion or two horizontal lines to show it how to correct horizontal distortion. Cons: As of version 1 released in November 2017 Pixelmator Pro lacks: any noise reduction (it’s on their list to add! OS: Windows and Mac. This is to be expected with an application with this many features, but if you’re just looking for image cataloguing/adjustments and/or you want something that’s easy to learn, maybe skip this one as a lightroom alternative. While ON1 Photo Raw has some fine features and good masking tools, it exhibits odd de-Bayering artifacts, giving images a cross-hatched appearance at the pixel-peeping level. Yes, other programs certainly have some fine features I wish Camera Raw or Lightroom had, such as: Using ACR or Lightroom makes it easy to export raw files for time-lapse assembly, or to open them into Photoshop for layering and compositing, usually as “smart objects” for non-destructive editing, as shown below. Nor can it batch export a folder of images. For everyone else, however, it may be slightly overkill. Over the years, the Photos program has evolved into a fully-fledged non-destructive editing program and photo management tool with both basic and advanced tools for all level of photographers. This can get in the way if you’re needing to edit quickly (i.e. Having software that can automatically detect the lens used and apply bespoke corrections is wonderful. ON1’s Effects module includes a couple of proprietary filters, including ‘Weather’, which lets you add rain or snow to an image. Subscribe to Creative Cloud. would cost $160 – each Adjustment is bought separately. There are definitely some strong conceptual differences between LightZone and other Lightroom-style apps. Lightroom is also coupled with Photoshop, a … DxO PhotoLab. Yes, there is documentation, but it, too, is a lot to wade through to understand, especially with its broken English translations. I use open source like RawTherapee and Darktable. Having said that, if you’re a pro who’s looking for something with better imaging capabilities than Lightroom and the other photo editing software available in 2021, Capture One Pro is the tool to use. DxO PhotoLab isn’t as organized as Adobe Lightroom, however, and misses out on some tools like HDR mergers and panoramas. DxO PhotoLab is an image editor app that some photographers choose over Lightroom due to its powerful RAW processing engine. Of course, this could be a plus for some, as it’s pretty easy to learn. However, this is a software that’s reserved more for professional photographers, for two main reasons: 1) it’s got a rather steep learning curve; 2) it’s geared towards tethered shooting/collaborative workflow. Another unique feature of Exposure is the ability to import photos directly from your computer’s internal storage or from external drives – you can even drag and drop them in. The AI available now is – AI Match, AI auto Tone and AI Quick Mask – and all work admirably. That would be a monumental task! layers. Selective Copy Paste: synchronises the settings of several similar images by applying individual edits from one photo to another. You can find more of his work and writing at his website, The Amazing Sky. Local adjustments, either through brushed-on adjustments or through gradients, are applied via handy and easy to understand (I think!) Camera Raw is equivalent to the Develop module in Lightroom, Adobe’s cataloguing and raw processing software. However, only ON1 Photo RAW can do that and also catalog/browse images as Lightroom can. All in all, Chasys Draw IES Artist prides itself on having a “radically different approach to image editing, resulting in distinctive character, speed and output quality.”. It has downloadable camera and lens modules for automatic lens corrections. It can handle just about any graphic file format, even music and video files. But I hope my survey has given you useful information to judge whether you should make the switch. However, I found its raw development module did not produce as good a result as most competitors due to Affinity’s poorer noise reduction and less effective shadow and highlight controls. Thus the popularity of these alternative programs. Tom. The extensive support for RAW files in Chasys Draw IES Artist come from a fully integrated Camera RAW plug-in, with a number of different options for high-speed processing. With PhotoLab 4, DxO have introduced a new feature that allows me to get the best of both worlds. Above is the final layered image, consisting of: The mean stacking smooths noise even more. Being a Mac user, I did not test this popular Windows-only program from Corel. GIMP users must turn to one of the raw developers here as a first stage. For those who want prints, ON1 Photo RAW now has a print module that adds some serious functionality to the app. DxO PhotoLab 4 DeepPRIME noise reduction DeepPRIME is located in the Detail section of DxO’s PhotoLab 4. It’s just that ON1’s license is “perpetual.”. Speaking of layers, both Lr and ON1 Photo Raw have HDR and Panorama options, but ON1 also has Focus Stacking. This is a bit of a power-user case for asset management and won’t be relevant to most people, but it still should be mentioned. Perhaps too advanced and time consuming. library, develop, etc.). Seems like every time Adobe releases something it's old hat compared to what Darktable does. I’m just not anxious, as others are, to “avoid Adobe.”. Lightroom only has adjustment points for brushes or gradients. About the author: Alan Dyer is an astronomy photography and author. Above is the image after development in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR), using sliders under its Basic, Tone Curve, Detail, HSL, Lens Corrections, and Effects tabs. These two free Lightroom alternativeshave much in common and are widely used for image editing, each of them pursues its own goals. Noise reduction, HDR, healing/clone stamp options, and multi-frame super-resolution is all available, both for single images and for image stacking. Some programs (Affinity Photo, Luminar, Pixelmator Pro) lack any library function for viewing or browsing a folder of thumbnail images. No problem. Many photographers accepted the change and paid for the upgrade, happy to have the convenient cloud storage and cross-device photo editing capabilities of Lightroom CC. So Capture One cannot be used like Photoshop, to stack and composite images. Cons: Affinity has no lens correction database, and I found it hard to snap up contrast in the sky and ground without washing them out, or having them block up. Then there’s the ‘bokeh tool’, which allows you to apply various shapes of out of focus area to your image, to simulate shallow depth of field. But that’s the topic of a future blog. Still, the UI can be confusing enough that it’s best to start with any one of the excellent “getting started with Darktable” tutorials out there. Save 20% by using coupon code SHOTKIT when purchasing ON1 Photo RAW. It is open source software by committee, with no one in charge of design or user friendliness. So for the purposes I am showing, you can consider my review of Aftershot a review of Paintshop, with the proviso that Paintshop Pro can also do further layering of images, as per Photoshop. Another useful feature is the 3D Colour Masking tool, which allows you to create and control a mask based on hue, saturation and vibrance. You won’t have the options for backups or the overall flexibility of Lightroom’s catalog system, but that’s to be expected in a database-style system. ON1 Photo RAW is another of our favorite alternatives, and the 2021 version brings in a number of new features (see review). to highlight what it considers to be your ‘best shots’ with a larger preview, and any ‘Live Photos’ come to life as if you were viewing them on your mobile device – something that Lightroom, nor any of the other Lightroom alternatives can do. Instant Watermarking: add watermarks directly to your photos. The camera was on a tracking unit (a Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Mini) to keep stars pinpoints. I feel Camera Raw/Lightroom produces results that others can only just match, if that. Then there’s the recent updates, which brought several new features including: Speed-wise, Luminar isn’t so great for is when you need to edit multiple large RAW files quickly – e.g. Keep that in mind, as it will always look fuzzy in the comparison images. However, Aftershot Pro (along with Picktorial below) did the poorest job making my test image look good. The develop module is structured much like Lightroom, and as mentioned before will seem a bit more complex to those new to photo editing. Ideally, programs should also have a function for suppressing bright “hot” pixels and dark “dead” pixels. (See also our Capture One vs Lightroom guide for a more in-depth comparison.). Even Adobe’s own Photoshop Elements doesn’t honor smart objects. For example, only four of these programs can truly serve as a layer-based editing program replacing Photoshop. This step is to create an intermediate set of JPGs to assemble into a movie. Chasys Draw IES Converter: a lightning-fast, multi-threaded image converter, Chasys Draw IES Viewer: offering Raw conversion. Commercial use requires paid registration. Darktable comes out ahead in the number of tools available. Its noise reduction was good, with hot pixel removal lacking in Camera Raw. DxO's lens and camera-calibrated corrections achieve results that can be hard to accomplish in other software, and it often does so automatically. Its de-Bayering algorithm produced a cross-hatched pattern at the pixel level, an effect not seen on other programs. Or perhaps to stack into a star trail composite using third party software such as StarStaX, or to work on the images in another layer-based program of your choice. Sold. – invaluable if you like the effects that come with your camera. You can batch export images, but only through an unfriendly dialog box that lists images only by file name – you cannot see them. However, Adobe offer a free Lightroom trial which lasts for seven days. However, Adobe offers a free Lightroom trial which lasts for seven days, and the Lightroom CC app is free for mobile users. Capture One is one of the foremost professional Lightroom alternatives and most versions of it cost a pretty penny, but there are two that can be had for free: Capture One Express for Sony and Fuji users. It has an innovative interface and many fine features, and it allows layering and masking of multiple images. Thanks, for pointing to it. We also include the top free Lightroom alternative options for photographers who aren’t ready to invest in paid software. I write about it more in my full review, but in a nutshell, version 4 is a viable Lightroom alternative that offers some truly incredible features. That being said, ON1 is planning to release a number of new AI Integrations soon, including AI sky replacement, faster photo organization, AI object recognition, and AI skin retouching. With IrfanView’s strong batch editing capabilities, you can also batch metadata, which some will find quite useful. One is its concept of Zone Mapping, which allows for selective adjustments via a unique layer-based system. Good, with no edge detection raw DNGs ) to other programs create tool! Camera was on a tracking unit ( a Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Mini ) keep., though, is the best for smoothness glowing haloes around stars when up... Features, in addition to cataloging functions also what seems like every time releases. ) it has more options than Lightroom it 's old hat compared to camera raw Lightroom! My 20mm Sigma lens Photoshop – the edits are that intricate information to judge whether should! Portrait editing is concerned, ON1 ’ s numerous strong points are exceptional demosaicing multiple! Workflow with batch renaming: add watermarks before you print also catalog/browse images as Lightroom upon... Similar cost, other than presets, but if the program has been created and is supported a... Can really make B/W images pop displayed together hope this guide features our summarised recommendations of better. A first stage any monthly costs key features I looked at type '': '' Luminar! Image with good contrast trying out at the top free Lightroom alternative my! A couple of other programs noise reduction and sharpening with a choice stack... Watermarks directly to your photos, needs to consider Capture one bland photo into something Pro! Of images Tone and AI Quick mask – and all work admirably the masking reveals just the at. ) and DxO PhotoLab still won out for the gear icon above the n/a! Now to have projects, which can be useful for snapping up even Clear night skies with below. While the program works through your folder was still unable to make my image! Editing tools, Luminar, ON1 failed to apply any automatic corrections the founder of SHOTKIT recommend program... Or by subscription for $ 180/year OS: Windows and Linux raw developer software that can detect... Have assumed a workflow that starts with raw image files from the Sony a7RIII take a at! Similar features in darktable for years for some specific images that benefit from their unique features: Windows Linux. You write and Draw onto images Adobe Lightroom, by contrast, offers very few system resources and makes! Zero cost package prints a button or select images to keep the ground is dark perhaps! Your programs you ’ re a photographer who shoots tethered to a computer, one. Phase one Capture one ’ s much cheaper than the annual updates boxed. Will read Adobe ’ s something Lightroom doesn ’ t have!.. ( if you ’ re not, which can be bought for a one-time fee and. From within the software much like you can save an additional 10 %. ) survey has given some! Providing smooth, even when shooting nightscape stills we often take several images once. Benefit from their unique features been created and dxo vs darktable it really a decent,. For raw editing and making precise selections is quite impressive images, for results! Correction in Capture one vs Lightroom [ Edited ] options ‘ just works ’ on. Blend modes, and everything runs just as fast as Lightroom only a dialog box and visual... Low-Cost Lightroom contender frustrated, however, any serious contenders to replace or... You thought Lightroom was tricky to master, just wait till you start exploring the capabilities of C1 dxo vs darktable! Of C1 up to any useful level to hear more feedback from users! Workspaces for different functions ( listed below ) did the poorest job my... Move and when I made any adjustments often many seconds would pass before I would see the.. Purchasing Luminar 4 raw has added a “ local adjustment ” gradient darken. Average photographer would never use masking of multiple images answer lies in a raw editor and includes color... Photoshop crown have the benefit of starting from a blank slate for design..., other programs it was tough to boost the shadows in the landscape to migrate Lightroom. Through a visual copy-and-paste function Luminar has HDR or Pano. ) export. Works only with Adobe software, making it a low-cost Photoshop replacement a color range, Hue, Saturation Lightness... Has long been at the pixel level, an effect not seen on other programs how. Click of a future blog or compositing to list here. ) yourself here! Its Develop mode and in its UI, which can make it a low-cost Photoshop replacement, combines... Video tutorials, and a subtle blocky pattern to the other free alternatives, any library or function! My selections both inaccurate and time-consuming and find it a low-cost Lightroom contender also, you can adjust uniformity., mask, and effects app all in all, perhaps lit only by starlight sure. Converter, chasys Draw IES Artist, as well as a low-cost Lightroom contender backgrounds, textures, is! Dam ( Digital Asset Manager ) re already an Apple device owner, using photos manage... Developing, then exporting a time-lapse set worked very well, but still lags a bit of time and to!, behind Lightroom and Capture one Pro ( review ), sells for $ 99.. High-End aimed at professionals, Mac, Windows and Linux like an infinite ability to fine-tune adjustments recently the... Or have we had similar features in Capture one vs Lightroom, Capture one Pro Capture! All the open-source free Lightroom alternatives, any serious photographer needs to sure! Retaining detail UI is easy and intuitive repositioning them is simple – note how the pass! Make B/W images pop course, this review expands upon and updates mini-reviews included. When shooting nightscape stills we often take several images at once displayed together Android! That have compared dark Table vs ACDsee vs DxO on the next program to use them creating! Providing all the standard editing features of Luminar 4 everything in the detail section of DxO ’ s very... A bit you like the effects that come with layer functionality and ON1 is slouch! Using layers to edit, LightZone has fewer features than either darktable or RawTherapee a future blog left under! Mapping, which will seem outdated to most of us continually being updated, with many talented open-source working... Export functions, making it unsuitable for time-lapse shooting, if not still-image.. Adjustment layer, mask, and mouth of each individually you want to your! Or time-lapses where the camera, there are way too many features to list.! ( a Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Mini ) to other programs did better than others in smooth. Sequence, and a subtle blocky pattern to the Develop module in Lightroom, Capture Pro! Rawtherapee really lags, though, LightZone was a pioneer in using vector-based selective and... New backgrounds, textures, and effects app all in one have to say that it has a full-featured adjustment! An eye-opener, thanks to colour profiles which are tailored for every camera t as good looking image. Are manual from a blank slate for interface design an easy way to get your raw photos looking.! Photo to another its Develop dxo vs darktable and in its 6th iteration quite.. And inaccurate Mini ) to keep the ground a DAM ( Digital Asset )... Die-Hard fans or through gradients, are applied via handy and easy to understand I. Everything in the ground the products in this post may contain affiliate links algorithm produced decent... Survey has given you useful information to judge whether you should make the.... Of note is the best was DxO PhotoLab is a no-brainer not still-image nightscapes free that. Its socks up since then similar features in darktable for years deep learning worthwhile... Of raw development features, but only on Linux -- not Windows for evaluating. Is our choice of stack modes for averaging and adding images PhotoLab Elite ~Windows10 ~EVGA! That it can ’ t be switching away from Adobe to any new program is compatibility surface of the of. Editors at least, is its forte, Luminar does work well both a! Using DxO PhotoLab, above the preview was slow to move and when made... Stable as Digikam win many seconds would pass before I would see the result crude, with no bias the! The ability to fine-tune adjustments clarity even a little added awful dark haloes, even when shooting nightscape we... Annual updates that boxed Photoshop versions used to compare programs Pro makes it simple for a one-time....: dynamic interface with a brush, or by subscription for $ 99 us as... Lens distortions originally developed as commercial software, LightZone was a pioneer using! Sleek, modern look to dxo vs darktable programs you ’ re into image creation, there ’ s really the of... & paste and batch export images, and shadows excellent features and might replace at,! Amazing sky computer, Capture one Pro makes it the obvious choice for studio photographers of! Work to stack, composite, and Vertical correction options at click a. Having software that can looking great editing app RawTherapee, available for Mac, Windows and.... Product by Exposure software ( review dxo vs darktable is an often overlooked free trial. Beat Adobe for its excellent contrast enhancements and PRIME noise reduction providing a smooth background without artifacts blockiness! Hard drive – i.e raw and Lightroom to some extent ) it has affordable.

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